Yoga with ball can be done in a variety of yoga-based poses with the help of an exercise ball to give support in helping you improve balance and flexibility. The solidity ball is a best technique to get extra support for moves that need patience and flexibility and it also adds a balance challenge to some poses.

Yoga with ball re-educate your body to have a neutral position. This is best way to prevent strain and overuse problems and also includes many stylish positions and movements in many activities. It is a combination of western and eastern philosophies of healing. Practice of balance ball yoga helps you understand effective coordination and natural movement along with opening stores of earlier untapped energy. People who practice yoga with ball have new understanding about their body’s potential and higher levels of personal confidence.

Yoga With Ball Classes in Gurgaon

Positions in Yoga with Ball

  • Squats with the Ball
  • Spinal Rotation
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Quadruped on the Ball
  • Upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog
  • Down Dog with Leg Lift to Lunge Stretch
  • Seated Stork Pose
  • Bridge on the Ball