Pregnancy is the one of the three lives for women which most women anticipate. It is the period in between from conception to birth. Having a new child in your life can surely be exciting and fearful as one. Mothers care is of utmost importance during the period of pregnancy. It is during this period that the child grows from a small sperm to a baby.

Diligent practice of yoga can help women gain the following advantages:

1. Yogic Kriya’s and Postures

A practice of yogic kriya’s can help keep your body active and overcome common symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness and pregnancy. A regular practice of yogic kriya’s for a healthy baby is also advised by the doctors and physicians who assists the mother from the time of conception to delivery period.

2. Deep Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques is of immense help during labor period. Apart from this the body shape, uterus, abdomen, and pelvic floor, and in relieving upper back tension and breast discomfort post the delivery. Healthy food habits and exercises if recommended during the period can help in child’s growth from the womb till he is outside in the world and even till the child grows up.

Yoga for Pregnant/Prenatal Women in Gurgaon