“Health is wealth” We hope everyone know about the proverb. My Yoga Guru help to really implementation of this in your life. We are providing services of Yoga for diseases in Gurgaon. Our trainers are having mystery in Medical Yoga. We have special pain healing therapy of many decease like: Back pain, Cervical, Knee pain etc. We also organize special event of yoga camps, yoga awareness workshop, seminar etc. for social welfare in Gurgaon.

1.Diabetes (Sugar)

There is no more sweetness left as India has the highest number of diabetes patient 50.8 million as per the statistics of the International Diabetes Federation. Although one cannot do much about it if it's genetic it definitely doesn't harm to prevent it.

Diabetes is however a disorder in which the pancreas of the body fail to produce insulin, a hormone which converts sugar in food into energy. Insufficient sugar secretion by pancreas creates excess glucose in blood stream which leads to diabetes. While doctor’s advices and costly medicines are always there when needed, people are more turning towards yoga as a preventive measure, where the causes are attributed to life style and stress.

Yoga for Diseases in Gurgaon

If suffering from diabetes, a yoga practitioner can have following benefits from doing yoga:

  • Immune System Strengthening:

    Yoga helps to strengthen the immune system and helps in the circulation of blood in the internal parts of the body. It also helps in controlling secretion of stress hormones, faulty diet and hectic lifestyle or wrong thinking habits.

  • Bring peace of mind:

    The natural poses of yoga help bring peace of mind to the practitioner and reduce the stress levels thus rejuvenating the body.

  • Pranayama Techniques:

    The breathing techniques help remove the toxic contents in the body which help to let positive energy flow in.

The results of yoga are best seen when they are executed in a non striving manner under the guidance of an expert yogic gurus who are trained for the purpose.

Yoga for Best Health in Gurgaon
2. Cervical Pain (Neckpain)

Daily routine activities like driving, sitting on the computers for long hours or regular use of high pillow can cause you to have the neck pain. While doctors and medicines do solve the purposes of curing the pain, the relief is only temporary.

Health experts and gurus over the world have recommended the use of yoga under the guidance of the yoga expert. The daily yogic exercises not only help to cure the neck pain but also help in releasing the stress and inculcating motivation level.

While normal stretching exercises recommended by doctors help you temporary relief, the yogic methods of ailing under an expert releases pain and improves your productivity towards your life.

Yoga for Neck Pain in Gurgaon
The yoga experts are well trained to offer:

3. Arthritis (Joint Pain)

Arthiritis is the state when the bones which are the pillars of the support of the body are infected and inflamed and the body comfort is diminished. It is a disease which is mainly connected with the joints of the body. It is a heredity disease and often Yoga for Diseases in Gurgaon Yoga for Your Best Health in Gurgaon Yoga for Neckpain in Gurgaon Yoga for Backpain in Gurgaon found in people who are overweight. Common symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, pains in joints and fatigue, tenderness in joints amongst others.

Different Yoga techniques under a yoga guru can help cure of the pain of arthiritis. These Yoga techniques help in improving the body movements and help in developing.

These yoga techniques include:

  • Vyayamas:

    Sukshma Vyayama is a yoga practice meant for exercising the joints and managing the arthiritis by massaging and flexing each and every joint in the body thereby easing out the pain in the body.

  • Asanas:

    These are various simple body twisting postures that help in body messaging and bringing flexibility and filling the body with that little extra energy.

  • Pranayama:

    Pranayama helps improving the digestive system of the body which helps in proper functioning of the tissues thereby improving the metabolism of the body.

    The easy and the best ways to reduce the arthiritis is to regularly exercise all the yoga asanas with Yoga since regular movement of the body is the only way to cure the disease and remain healthy and fit.

4. Gastric Disorder

Today’s modern people have no time to spend on expensive gym work outs and following a nutritionist. The modern lifestyle coupled with fast food joints and ready to eat materials have all caused the abdominal dieses, the most common one of them being the gastritis. The general symptoms of the ailments include pain in the abdomen, excessive burping, puking or vomiting. This is also coupled with the feeling of naustalgia and a difficulty to release gas.

While food ingredients like beans, peas, whole grains, cabbage, grapes, plums cause gastric disorders. Also foods containing milk and wheat can cause discomfort amongst people who drink plenty of people.

While proper diets and food habits can help you solve your gastric problems to a certain extent, it is truly the yoga which can help you overcome your gastric problems and give you the life of ease.

You can ease out your gastric disorder under the guidance of the yoga expert who will help you train in the yoga techniques mentioned below:

  • Pranayams:

    Properly performed pranayama techniques can help you solve various blood pressure problems, gastric problems and also improve health and concentration. This can give you a normal disorder free lifestyle.

  • Asanas:

    Different sitting techniques and poses can also help in easing out the health problems and also provide mobility and flexibility to your body. Increased flexibility can help you increase your daily body tasks effectively without the need to visiting your doctor.

Regular practicing of these yogic techniques under an expert training can bring a lot of change in your lifestyle and help you relief from the daily pains of your body.