Yoga for Stress Management

Everybody suffers from modest stress and panic at times, but inveterate anxiety takes a tremendous toll on the body, burning vigor resources and keeping the body in an invariant state of stress. The consequences of anxiousness are exaggerated when the body is not worked out: tension in the muscles builds, breathing remains constricted usually and the mind has no relief from the whirling thoughts and feelings that give the anxiety.

Yoga unites numerous techniques used for stress diminution; it provides the mutual benefits of breathing exercises, stretching exercises and meditation practice in one technique. Though, for people with immense physical limitations, simple breathing exercises, meditation can be a preferable option and provide related benefits. Yoga also involves more effort and dedication than taking pills for stress reduction.

Yoga for Stress Management in Gurgaon
Physical Effects of Stress

Physical stress brings many negative effects in our life. It hampers both our personal and professional life. Physical Stress creates sudden body shifts its energy resources to drive away the apparent threat. This is known as fight response, the sympathetic nervous system indicates the adrenal glands to discharge adrenaline.

Mental Stress

Mental stress is usually caused because of extra work pressure or some other anxieties in our life.

Below can be the affects of mental stress on our health and life :
  • Makes heartbeat and breath faster
  • Make sufferers sweat more
  • Makes people feel sick giving them 'butterflies' in stomach
  • Makes you feel tense
  • Increases muscle spasms, headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath
Mental Stress in Gurgaon
Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is one of the most important causes of all constant health challenges. Body can’t protect itself from the damage that emotional stress quietly creates over time. Body pays a serious physiological cost for every moment that it feels anxious, tense, frustrated and angry.

Using Yoga to reduce Stress

The majority of stress is helped by physical movement. Many people have found that the apparitional link that yoga allows will work a bit extra to release your mind and leave your problems. If you’re not ready to take the jump into planning a full yoga program, try this hassle free exercises out when you’re feeling bothered. If they do the job, try a program. If they don't work, try other exercises.

Knees to Chest

This pose permits for great relaxation. Lie down on your back and draw your legs up till the time your knees don’t touch your chest. Hold this position as long as you like.

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Triangle Pose

This pose stretches both the hamstrings and hips and it also decreases mind and body both the stress. In this pose legs have to mimic a triangle. Start with a standing position; keep your right toes facing forward whilst pulling your left leg out with its toes facing to the left. According to your comfort, you can lean backwards and keep your left hand on your calf, the floor. Keep your eyes on your right hand; elevate it up so that your shoulders form a straight line to the floor. The right pose will look as a two triangles if seen from front.

Baby Pose

The pose has been specially designed to stretch the hamstrings that start in supine position. Bring your knees to your chest and draw them back to your armpits. Depending on the comfort you can just hold the position or carry on to flatten the soles of your feet and pull them to the floor.

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