Spiritual Healers

The world must have some creator without a creator it wouldn’t be possible for human beings to survive. There must be some super natural force that is propelling this whole world.

Many people think of healing only in terms of the physical. A broken bone is only a "physical" illness that requires six to twelve seeks for healing the fractured bone. But human illness may often involve more than just the physical level: it may involve the emotions, the mind, and even the soul. Accordingly, spiritual healing may play a role in the recovery.

What all mystics throughout history have known to be true is that a direct communication with God is possible. To communicate with God one has to know what God is. From Jesus we learn that God is spirit and that the father in heaven is perfect. Since we were made in God's likeness and image we too must be spirit and perfect in essence.

Spiritual Healing in Gurgaon