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Shava asana, distinct sha-wa asana, means the "pose of the corpse." Shava asana is the prime position applied in yoga for relaxation, one in which we attempt to literally mimic the 'lifeless state' by completely letting go of all conscious tension.

Shava asana in Sanskrit means the dead corpse and it involves total relaxation of the body making it the most difficult of the poses however easy it may appear. The practitioner of this body imitates the dead body in the posture.

  • Lie down on your back with your legs and feet together and the arms straight down along your sides with palms facing upwards.
  • Ideally, the head should be directed toward the north. If this is not feasible, then toward the east.
Shavasana for Corporate in Gurgaon

Many teachers often direct students to split their legs and to keep their arms away from the body in shava asana. This looser posture is actually known as mritya asana, and although it is similar to shavasana and can be a useful position for certain relaxation-related practices, shava asana is the ideal position for the ultimate relaxation.

Use of Deferent types of Techniques & Mantra

What's a mantra?

The Sanskrit word 'mantra' came into common English usage in the 1970s as millions of people around the world learned the TM technique. The word now appears in English dictionaries, defined as “a repeated word or phrase.”

The different categories of mantra meditations use an apparently endless diversity of "mantras" and use them in many different ways. Some types of mantra meditation are religious — others, such as TM practice, are free from any religious context.

The word 'mantra' has a particular meaning in the Transcendental Meditation program: it is a vehicle for transcending — to go ahead of mental activity to higher and higher stages of the thinking process, until one arrives at the level of pure realization at the source of thinking. This experience is described as the deepest, most powerful and creative level of mind, a state of pure potentiality.

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Savasana- Sava=corpse, Asana=posture

  • Positioning: In this yoga pose, sit with your legs stretched out and have ready a support placed behind you laterally to lie back over. Keep your buttocks on the ground and the bolster touching your lower back? Once you are lying over the long pillow, rest the back of your head on a small folded blanket. Tuck your chin in and close your eyes. The bolster supports and opens your chest, supporting with deep full breathing. Relax like that for about 10 minutes, focusing on your opening heart. Lie on your back with full relax muscles
  • Avoid the contraction of the muscles during the waking condition in the pose
  • Slowly concentrate each part of the body and attain relaxation
  • Begin From top part of the body to the bottom part
  • Relax each and every part. Try doing it conjointly
  • Concentrate on the breathing while relaxing
  • Complete the whole frame is the final objective
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