Kunjal Kriya

The Kunjal Kriya is the way of bringing about the cleanliness of the digestive system and the respiratory system. This yogic kriya is the simple art of back-flushing the stomach very similar to Jal Neti. In other words, Kunjal Kriya helps to flush the inside of the stomach which helps in digest better.

The Position :
  • Drink Six cups of warm water (average as per human capacity)
  • Fingers are adjusted in the tongue each way to stimulate the vomit effect
  • This makes quick easy gushing out of water through the stomach
  • Jal Neti can be accompanied to clear out the sinuses from the body
Benefits :
  • Helps in ailing asthmatic patients
  • Head and nose feel clear
  • Removes bad breadth by cleaning the lungs and muscles
Kunjal Kriya in Gurgaon
Jal Neti, Dudh Neti & Suter Neti

Jal Neti, Dudh Neti and Suter Neti are the yogic techniques which are used in curing the disease related to the ear, nose and throat. Many yoga experts have practiced this art for ages to cure the problems of running nose, dry nose and so on. While Jal uses water, Suter a string, Dudh uses the milk as the cleansing agent of the body. The main aim is to purify the breathing path right from the nostrils to the throat to cure the infection.

The Position :
  • Put warm water with salt in a utensil
  • Tilt neck & touch the tip to one nostril
  • Open the mouth to continue breathing
  • Pour water through the nostril
  • Use the same for the other nostril
  • Repeat the same process many times
Benefits :
  • Helps in curing Migraine and other head related dieses
  • Stimulates visualization and improves concentration
  • Gives Clarity of mind
Neti Pot in Gurgaon
One of the variations which can be used on the similar grounds is the Dudh Neti which is passing of milk through the nostrils replacing the water as the main ingredient.