Power Yoga Classes

Power Yoga is one of the best fitness based yoga style. Ashtanga Yoga is the foundation stone of Power Yoga. The basic benefit of this yoga is weight loss and proper body shape.

Power Yoga brings together mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Yoga.

Benefits you get from Power Yoga:

Besides weight loss, there are various other benefits of Power Yoga. Some of these have been listed below.

Detoxification of body

With regular practice of Power Yoga, you can detoxify the body and can keep your body in shape.

Blood circulation

It also helps in improvement of blood circulation, which in turn improves cellular oxidation and body metabolism.

Treatment of various diseases

With Power Yoga, you can easily get rid of many diseases such as cancer, asthma, sinus and insomnia etc.

Power Yoga Classes in Gurgaon


This is best for the kids or working professionals who find it difficult to concentrate on their studies or work. Regular practice of Power Yoga improves concentration, which results into improvement in overall performance.

Anxiety reliever

With Power Yoga, you can easily get relieve from various psychological problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

All these benefits can be availed only if Power Yoga is practiced regularly and in proper way.

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