MYG membership is highly beneficial for regular yoga practitioners. Life has become so fast that every individual is running to achieve for his aims and goal and kids are also busy in playing games on computer rather than playing physical games which retards their growth and immunity power. In between he or she ignores the most important component “our health”. We don’t give importance to our body and mind fitness. It always remains the secondary aspect of our life. That’s why we end up paying huge amount to doctors as consultation fees and in medicines.

However now with time, people’s attitude towards health and fitness is changing and they are becoming more health conscious. Keeping this point in mind, we have created different membership for individuals as well as for corporates, so that their pocket can easily allow them to go forward and start yoga and live a healthy and stress free life.


Here are the following types of membership we are offering

Category 3 months 6 months 1 Year*
1 At MYG Center 3600/- 6000/- 10000/-
2 Individual On Site 18000/- 30000/- 48000/-
3 Corporate On Site 30000/- 54000/- 96000/-*

* Time slots according to availability.

* Membership varies according to number of classes.