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Modern day life style has high exposure to anger, hate, fear and other negative emotions. Normally, any life threatening situation triggers off the STRESS RESPONSE. This response enables a person to act quickly and survive intense, short- term challenges, which require less brains and fast reflexes. This is possibly the survival response inherited from our pre-civilisation days. But today the same response is triggered in traffic jams, work related irritations, family squabbles and many such situations- meaning that with any petty problem, we end up being an insecure individual and an unstable society.

Meditation helps an individual overcome these emotions to facilitate a calm peaceful mind and a healthy and stress free body.

Meditation Yoga in Gurgaon

The following are the different types of meditations :

1. Concentration Meditation :

This technique works on the method focusing and visualizing an object. It helps in bringing in clarity of mindset and helps a person to increase focus.

2. Simple Meditation :

This technique is useful for beginners who don’t have the capacity to sit for long hours. One can easily devote close to 10-20 minutes in silence and can prolong the meditative techniques once he or she is more comfortable.

3. Mindfulness Meditation :

Also called the Vipassana, the Mindful meditation allows a person to be aware about the things that happen to a person every minute. It involves steps used for purifying your mindset and living life with clean habits.

4. Vibrational Meditation :

This involves chanting of the Mantra or a devotional word continuously to improve concentration technique. The vibrations produced by the sound passes through the body thus energizing it and unleashing the positive energy.

5. Breath and Naval Meditation :

This type of meditation involves different techniques through which you can control breath through breathing technique. A person needs to be seated in a relaxed state of mind and concentrate on the breath of the body.

Whatever technique is selected it is necessary for a person to practice the techniques properly to enjoy maximum benefits. It is only with dedication
Different types of Meditations Yoga in Gurgaon