Jalandhar Bandh or the Neck Lock

The Jalandhar Bandh or the neck lock is applied throughout Kundalini Yoga during most Pranayams, breathe control practices, meditation and Chanting.

Positions to be taken :
  • Sit comfortably and in an erect posture
  • Lift your chest upward
  • Stretch your back by lifting your chin towards your neck
  • Do not tilt your head level in either direction
  • Keep your face and neck muscles as relaxed as you can
Benefits :
  • Useful for patients with thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Helps you get rid of double chin
  • Improves Blood Circulation in throat & adjacent regions
  • Cures Throat Problems
Caution :
  • Not for people with pressure problems
  • Not for people with breathing problems
Jalandhar Bandh Yoga in Gurgaon
Mula Bandha

Mul bandha, a form of hath yoga is used for containing flow of energy or the prana. Mulbandha accompanies both, the Pranayama and the meditation and it provides continuity in the transition phase of end of breathing practices and beginning of meditation.

The Positions to be taken while doing the Mul Bandha are as follows :
  • Sit on the floor in the cross legged position
  • You can also stand with the heel of the right foot at the perineum between the anus and the genitals
  • Pull your pelvic floor muscles by pulling them upwards to the spine. Relax your genitals
  • Isolate the mula bandha and lift the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Hold in contraction for five counts.
  • Practice Mula Bandha in conjunction with meditation and breathing for effective results.
Benefits :
  • Improves core body strength
  • Protects lower back muscles
  • Makes muscles safer
  • Increases Body Energy and Vitality
  • Improves concentration and Mind benefits
Mula Bandha Yoga in Gurgaon
Uddiyana Bandha

A part of Hatha yoga, it comes as a part of exhaling out the air out, by pulling in the abdomen in the rib cage by taking in the false inhale while holding the breathe and then releasing the abdomen after a pause. This cycle of false inhalation is repeated many times before letting out air in the body.

Activities :
  • Activates Solar Plexis
  • Helps relieve Constipation
  • Helps for diabetes patients
  • Stables Mind
  • An aid during depression
Uddiyana Bandha Yoga in Gurgaon